About Me

The time has come to elevate your cooking game.

Just what the world needs… another recipe site and cooking blog! This one is going to be different. The recipes have been tested, tweaked and massaged to make them accessible to home cooks and above all, packed with big flavors and the subtle nuances that elevate an ordinary plate of food to an extraordinary restaurant-quality dish. To this, I’m adding my obsession with saving time and I’ll show you how to organize and cook these dishes in mostly under one hour!

Let’s get this out of the way, I am not a professional chef – more like a really experienced home chef. I first fell in love with food as a college student in Baton Rouge, LA. The incredible flavors, spices and character of that cuisine absolutely captivated me and led me on a life-long journey to train in the art of cooking. That was 25 years ago and thousands of hours in the kitchen, on the grill and BBQ pit later.

Today, I own a successful media and marketing company in Columbus, OH. This allows me the freedom to dive into the food world fully and share how I transform food into an experience for your friends and family, right in your own home.

Great home cooking can transcend time and place. It can transport you back to your childhood in ways that sometimes only food can conjure. Or re-create amazing memories you experienced while traveling. Even the ability to travel to and experience places you have not yet been. 

I’ll show you twists on classic dishes from around the world, my tested recipes and techniques. We’ll create restaurant-quality dishes… and the best part… dishes you can execute in mostly under one hour and hopefully… inspire you to become the best and most diverse home cook you can be.

Now… let’s cook!

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